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New world, new passion, new website

It has been a strange, confusing and unsettling year for us all so far and there is no sign of improvement. All my plans for the summer obviously fell through and the pandemic brought my international cheffing career to an abrupt and complete halt – and whilst I was saddened that such a fascinating, fun and rewarding part of my professional life was so unexpectedly over, the current situation has resulted in the opportunity to concentrate all my focus and efforts on my nutritional consultancy – and I am really welcoming this transformation and turn of events because I am absolutely passionate about Dynamic Ageing and the solutions it can offer.

It has also proved a perfect time to fine-tune my approach and my product – and to expand into the corporate sector. As a result, the main spotlight of my nutritional consultancy is now to support men and women well into their forties, fifties – and beyond! - who are at the top of their careers and who have started to experience some of the numerous challenges which come not just with the passing of time but also with the demands of a high-achieving and high-pressure work environment, hectic schedule and consequent lifestyle – these include fatigue and lack of energy, inadequate sleep, hormonal disruption, dodgy digestion, excess weight, inflamed joints, brain fog, poor memory, shrinking muscle mass – you name it!

This is a very specific area where having the right level of support can make the difference between simply growing older and actually designing your own individual, youthful MidLife & Beyond. Because I am personally on my own passage through this life stage, as well as my nutritional expertise in this area, I truly feel that I can guide others on their very unique journey of adventure and exploration towards the joy and satisfaction of becoming ever more youthful and dynamic while remaining at the top of their game – on their own terms.

I am therefore delighted to welcome you to my brand new website where you will find all the details of my two revolutionary new Dynamic Ageing programmes in the Work with Me section: -

1. Revitalise – The Foundation, which takes place over three months and is designed to bring my clients to a place where vibrant health, energy, vitality and joie de vivre are an intrinsic part of their everyday life.

2. Rejuvenate – The Next Level, which runs for six months and which takes you that much further, to the point where nothing will ever be the same again, because your health becomes consistently more amazing than you can ever remember, and you are ready to work hard, play hard and have more fun than you have in years.

If you would like to find out more about what they can do for you and how they can transform your life, do book an initial exploratory chat so that you can tell me what is not currently working in your life and we can discuss how I might be able to help.

We are obviously unable to see each other face to face at the moment, and while I truly look forward to meeting up with all my clients again at some stage, as well as catching up in person with my international ones, Zoom has become the “new normal” and I must admit that, with practice, I have found that it works amazingly well. So, let’s get together and find out how Dynamic Ageing can do wonders for your quality of life.

You can book your exploratory chat here. And do please explore the website and let me know what you think.

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