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 Corporate Industry

I am a wellbeing and executive consultant and trainer for corporations, medium enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs.   My area of expertise is Dynamic Ageing because I know from personal experience that many aspects of ageing which are considered pre-destined and inevitable are in fact negotiable and that a healthy and vibrant ageing workforce can be one of your greatest assets.   I create bespoke workshops, trainings and programmes aimed specifically at successful business executives who are not only at the height of their career but also at the MidLife&Beyond stage, thereby enabling them to stay at the top of their game as they grow older.


I provide 


in the form of easy to follow and implement daily protocols and practices to set your top executives up for success and produce dramatic improvements in their everyday health and wellbeing.   The results are increased health and vitality, higher energy levels, enhanced stress management and clearer thinking – all of which lead to  reduced absenteeism due to ill health, higher productivity and performance, increased creativity and purpose, and closer personal bonds and relationships – all in all, a happier, healthier and more effective MidLife&Beyond senior management team.

"Isabel's knowledge of nutrition is encyclopaedic (and her cooking is delicious!). Isabel conducted a series of online training seminars for the Chichester Chamber of Commerce during lockdown to keep us all healthy while we were working from home and reaching for the snacks. Her enthusiasm is infectious for the importance of eating the right foods for health and wellbeing, enabling us to maintain energy, motivation and concentration during this difficult period. I wholeheartedly recommend her work."

Vicki Meadows-Smith

CEO at Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I offer the following three corporate protocols which are specifically designed to match your requirements and your individual executives:


Signature programme delivery -

The perfect way to introduce the concept of Dynamic Ageing


One to one executive coaching - 

A personalised and specifically tailored protocol for individual executives


Small group tailored training - designed to cover the many aspects of

Dynamic Ageing

"Isabel is a world class chef and acclaimed food writer. Her innovative and imaginative cookery style has brought pleasure to many. She is now using that skill and experience by applying it to healthy eating and in particular the concept of "Dynamic Ageing". We cannot stop getting older but we can slow down the ageing process so that we stay younger and healthier for longer. Isabel can help achieve this in a way which will provide continuing energy, vitality and strength but, importantly, will bring pleasure through what we eat and drink. I cannot recommend Isabel more highly."

Michael Robinson

Managing Director at The Robinson Partnership Limited

"With her extensive knowledge Isabel is able to not only provide nutritional advice with diet, but apply a holistic approach on how we can all benefit from changing our attitude to the way we graduate to an older age. Isabel is a fantastic Chef, I speak from personal experience, having worked with her for more than 25 years. Her passion and expertise enable her to create highly effective, bespoke programmes not only for individuals, but also as part of an overall employee well-being programme for corporations."

Sheila Shepherd

Senior Event Manager and Consultant

Discover the secrets of dynamic ageing  

Empowering you to age dynamically and by design, rather than passively and by default, because how well or how badly we age is up to each of us.

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