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Bespoke nutritional programmes for Dynamic Ageing

I offer two truly transformational Dynamic Ageing programmes which typically run over a period of three or six months.  It takes twelve weeks to create a new habit and therefore to start producing the results you are looking for, as you want to see real, measurable improvements and progress – and the six month programme gives us the opportunity to delve even more deeply and take you that much further.


My first step...

My first step is to use a combination of nutritional science and health coaching in order to understand your current health issues and your goals.


Then together we will work through a new, totally unique and custom-built eating plan and look at your lifestyle to ensure that it is based on a solid foundation to reinforce your passage to dynamic youthfulness.

We typically meet on a fortnightly or monthly basis, more frequently or less frequently - the aim is to ensure that you progress steadily and comfortably towards your goals and produce the results you are looking for.

Each step and stage of the two programmes will enable you to take control of the ageing process and teach you to AGE DYNAMICALLY and by design rather than passively and by default – and the result?   You will live, look and feel youthful and dynamic for the rest of your days.

Highest Level of personal support and guidance, involving complete flexibility and a nutritional and lifestyle plan

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The Foundation

Runs over a period of three months and includes

Initial personal consultation:  2 hours

3 follow-up consultations:  90 minutes

Fortnightly follow-up Zoom consultations to help you implement my recommendations and stay on track:  60 minutes

In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress

Bespoke nutritional strategy and supplement plan

Revitalising menu plans which can incorporate specific recipes if required

Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits

Mindset training

Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation

Strategies for dynamic youthfulness

Setting specific personal health goals

Regular accountability checks

Email support between sessions

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The Next Level

This programme offers the highest degree of dedicated personal support and guidance and constitutes a real game changer.   Rejuvenate runs along the same lines as Revitalise, but is extended to six months rather than three.   This greater length of time truly makes it the cream of the crop because it enables us to delve even deeper into your future wellbeing, build ever more powerful foundations and create solutions which will effectively rejuvenate you right down to your very core. 


My Rejuvenate goal is to get you to a place where your life and health are so incredibly transformed that you literally feel like a totally new person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and where nothing will ever be the same again, because your health will consistently be more amazing than you can ever remember, and you will be ready to work hard, play hard and have more fun than you have in years.   You will have at your disposal all the tools you could need to create energy, vitality and effective living, for a beautiful skin, for peaceful regenerating sleep, for coping successfully with stress, for a comfortable weight and shape, for a sharp brain, for a strong back and flexible joints, for that incomparable feeling of being at the top of your game and living life on your own terms.

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Dynamic Ageing

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