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Clare M


What specific health challenge/s or issues were you experiencing before you consulted me?  

I was worried about getting older, fatter and less active. I wanted to and was ready to change my diet to try and reduce my increasing blood pressure and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Isabel showed me the path.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to deal with the challenges/issues by yourself?

It felt like a big task to put my wavering motivation into practice.

What difference did it make to consult me as a nutritional therapist?

It was really helpful to “discuss” the practicalities and reasons for choosing a healthy diet and increasing my activity levels with someone who was knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging. The holistic personal weekly sessions kept me on track and seeing my weight loss encouraged me to continue.

How did you feel when you realised that my nutritional recommendations were actually working to solve your health challenges/issues?  

Greatly excited and motivated to carry on!

What does your life look like now that these challenges/issues are resolving themselves? 

I feel leaner, fitter and pleased to have achieved my initial goals which I can now extend with confidence into the future.

What would you say to someone who is considering booking a consultation with me?  

Go for it! The personal course was ideal in helping me to set a realistic and achievable goal, at my own pace, in a pleasurable way (diet sheets etc ) without having to compare myself against others in a group setting

Lorraine G 


It has been invaluable to consult with Isabel on my growing issues of ageing spread, poor sleep and

lack of energy. We looked at aspects of my diet, sleep and lifestyle and how to create a better,

healthier me. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and generosity has allowed me to make simple, easy to

follow changes to good effect. I am delighted with the results and am feeling better, sleeping better

and, at last, losing some weight. Thank you, Isabel, for empowering me!

Vivien N 


Consulting Isabel on her Dynamic Ageing programme has been a wonderful experience. From my first consultation she listened with interest, and took time to understand my eating habits and my way of life.  She put me on the path to an improved way of eating, and helped  me work towards a better balance in my life between family commitments and time for myself.


All the way through the process Isabel’s in depth knowledge, advice and very helpful written notes made it relatively easy for me to wean myself away from bad habits, crisps were my big weakness,  and off dairy.  Being coeliac, vegetarian and lactose intolerant was a bit of a challenge but now I have a much better understanding of the foods I need to eat.  Over a period of time my sugar lows disappeared and I found I had more energy. A few months on and I have lost half a stone.  My weight is stable without the need to diet, and my skin is clearer.


Isabel is very professional and at the same time warm and friendly.  Her generosity and constant support is invaluable as you work through the programme. 


Thank you Isabel for taking such good care of my wellbeing.

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