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Isabel Hood 

My Story

My cosmopolitan childhood guaranteed a lifelong love of food and a deep interest in the cuisines of the world. I was brought up in Mexico and steeped in its intensely flavoured, life-enhancing aromatic cooking from a very early age.

I have vivid memories of a kitchen heady with the pungent smell of chilli, onions and coriander; of tasty tortas stuffed with chicken, refried beans and guacamole in my school snack box;  of steaming, palate-tingling enchiladas or tacos for lunch – although it could just as easily be shepherd’s pie.

A lifelong love of food

Sunday was always celebrated with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding - and having been educated at an international school, further gastronomic adventures were on offer at friends' houses where I was introduced to pig's trotters with parsley vinaigrette and quiche lorraine, moussaka and felafel, blinis dripping with butter, chicken in peanut sauce or cooked in beer, prawns with pineapple or in paella, lamb with almonds and prunes, and pasta dishes baked in the oven - and from this kaleidoscope of flavours and experiences, a lifelong love and excitement about food was born.


DipNatNut CNM, MBant, CNHC, ANP

My Training

I eventually trained as a chef and set up my own catering business in London which I ran for sixteen years.

This was followed by a new career as an international freelance private chef as well as a food writer - but I kept colliding with serious internal contradictions because I was increasingly fascinated by the role which food plays in human health and well-being and how the dishes I cooked for my clients might be affecting the way they felt and lived their lives.   This constant personal controversy led in due course to three gruelling grinding years of training in naturopathic nutrition run by the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Brighton.

The knowledge and insight which I have acquired from my years in the kitchen as well as my extensive nutritional studies have resulted in the development of a two-pronged personal approach to health and lifestyle:  the food we eat must bring joy and pleasure, but it must also nourish and support us throughout our lives.


My colourful career in food

I have had a colourful and exciting career, including being the Mexican food editor at BellaOnline, as the monthly guest chef on BBC Radio 'Cook on the books', being a judge on BBC Good Food Magazine Mexica food competition with the famous Thomasina Meirs, also judging the Guild of Food Writers annual awards in Food Journalism. Not only this but I've always enjoyed writing, and have been a regular contributor to the Chichester Observer Magazine, Vegan Food & Living,The Vegan Magazine and Britannia Living. I've hosted demonstrations and taught across the country, at The Fiery Food Festival in Brighton, The Central Street Cookery School in London, The Cookery School at Little Portland Street in London, The Women's Institute, and Neptune Stores. 


Work with Me 

My two programmes are truly transformational and aimed at getting you back at the top of your game. I have designed them to fast-track the results you are looking for in your health and professional performance because I am truly passionate about helping you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life

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