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I'm back and rearing to go!

After a splendid summer working as a nutritional chef in the warmth and sunlight and joy of Corsica, I am back at the helm of Dynamic Ageing and planning to move it all in a slightly different direction.

The challenges of the last eighteen months and the various lockdowns forced me to use the internet more and more in order to communicate with clients, and it has worked so well (on the whole!) and suited most of us so nicely that I will be running my business increasingly online.

My idea is to start developing a range of online courses, revolving obviously around the Dynamic Ageing concept – some will be the “do at your own pace” recorded type of courses, while others will be run live over a period of several weeks probably. The first one is actually almost ready to go and is entitled “Get Those Bowels Moving!”! Not a very elegant notion, I know, but I have found from my professional experience that constipation is absolutely rife in the Western world, particularly from middle age onwards, and can lead to a variety of far more serious conditions further down the line. I will be launching this course early next year so do look out for it.

In the meantime, I have very recently set up a Facebook group aimed at men and women well into their 40s, 50s and beyond. It is a private, totally safe environment in which to ask questions, discuss any concerns or issues, and learn about Dynamic Ageing and what it can do for us. Many, many aspects of ageing which are considered pre-destined and inevitable are in fact negotiable and it is up to each and every one of us to take personal responsibility and manage our ageing process successfully - because we undoubtedly have a choice as to how well we age or how badly!

So please come and join me there and find out how to use nutrition and lifestyle changes to make dramatic improvements to your life. Ageing well is a skill which can be learned, so let’s get good at it and let’s learn to do it well! I look forward to welcoming you into the group.

I am also getting this blog up and running again after my long absence and silence, so keep an eye on your inbox this Friday.

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