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Eat your way to glowing skin

Platinum Magazine is aimed at women over 50 - according to their website, it "celebrates the diverse lives of brilliant women with thought-provoking content as stylish as you areI" and encourages its readers to "live, look and feel fabulous". I am therefore SO thrilled to be featured in the April issue! I was interviewed for an article entitled "Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin" during which journalist Mairi Mulhern and I discussed the importance of a nutrient-dense diet to protect our mature skin and help it to ride out the challenges which come with the passing of time.

We covered the advantages of plant protein, natural fats, antioxidants, fibre and drinking water so do have a look at pages 38 and 39 for my nutritional advice on how to create a healthy and youthful skin as you grow older.

They have included a couple of recipes but they are not mine.

At the moment, this issue of the magazine is only available in a printed version but it will probably be available in a month's time on the Platinum website.

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