As a professionally trained international nutritional chef with many years of experience in the private sector, I offer a range of culinary services which include

cookery classes in my clients' homes, whether on a one to one basis or for a group of friends, as well as creative food parties for children, teenagers and adults alike where everybody can learn to cook healthy, life-enhancing dishes both for their everyday lives and for more special occasions.   I am also happy to undertake the training in nutritional cuisine of other chefs and in-house private staff.


Demonstrations to a wider audience and public gastronomy shows and events are another field in which I have experience and knowledge.


As both a nutritional consultant and a chef, I am committed to providing my clients with nutrition for vibrant health, vitality, long-term youthfulness and Dynamic Ageing as well as gorgeous, glorious food, food for joy and food for life – because that is what food and eating are all about.   I am a graduate in naturopathic nutrition from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine, and my aim is to create delicious, vibrant, bold, exuberant dishes which both nourish the body at the deepest level and delight the senses at the same time.  


As part of my nutritional and health coaching services, I offer individual nutritional programmes tailored specifically to a client's requirements, condition or symptoms. These can be adapted to include the whole family if appropriate and menus and recipes are provided, as well as training for in-house staff. And don’t think for a moment that following my programmes will be a challenge! They are specifically designed to deliver gratification and indulgence as well as nourishment and nutrient density - you will never go hungry or feel deprived! 


While my personalised nutritional programmes are specifically aimed at setting my clients on the road to Dynamic Ageing, every person is different and one nutritional size does not fit all - to ensure the highest level of efficacy, Dynamic Ageing needs to address many different bodily systems and act as a multi-pronged approach, so the menus and recipes I devise for one client may be very different from what I put together for someone else. 


I am available to travel nationally and internationally in my work and foreign assignments have included the South of France, Moorish Spain, the island of Corsica, a yacht in the Adriatic, the Great Lakes of North America and the lakes of Italy, a royal household in Abu Dhabi and a group of professional artists on holiday.    I speak fluent Spanish, French and Italian.


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