What IS Dynamic Ageing?

Is your skin losing its glow and freshness? Do you wonder where your energy and vitality have gone? Are you tired all the time? Are you inexplicably putting on weight in all the wrong places? Are your joints becoming stiff and sore? In short, is age catching up with you? These are just some of the common physical niggles and concerns which are associated with the passing of time. But there are also emotional states and attitudes which develop alongside the conditions above. For instance, what is your experience of your current life – and your future one? How do you actually see it? Is it looking like a gradual – or rapid – descent down an increasingly slippery slope? Or do you get the feeling that your life is perhaps becoming richer, more fulfilling, more joyful? Does it include more fun, more meaning, more passion, more understanding and more enlightenment?! Does it include vibrant, radiant health?

As I mentioned last week, many aspects of ageing which are considered pre-destined and inevitable, are in fact outdated and, crucially, negotiable..... I say that with confidence because, as a nutritional consultant, I work exclusively with people – both men and women – “of a certain age”, those of us who are now inhabiting the space of midlife and beyond, a life-stage which to my mind encompasses anyone from the late 40s through the 50s, 60s and beyond – and I have seen first-hand the results which optimal nutrition and lifestyle can produce. I therefore KNOW from experience that it can make you feel like a totally new person and enable you to approach this phase of your life from a different, fresh and exciting perspective.

So, let me introduce you to DYNAMIC AGEING! We talked last week about what it is not and dispelled some of the common myths surrounding ageing generally, and now let’s look at what it actually IS and what it can do for you.


· At its simplest, a way to supercharge your vitality and fill you with energy, vibrant health and joie de vivre

But there are infinitely more advantages and outcomes. It is also

· A path to recovering not your youth which is in the past, but your youthfulness which can be one of the greatest stars of your future

· A way of life – which can literally transform your current existence and your current view of ageing. The structure does need to be put in place, but once you have done the initial work, it becomes easy and natural, in effect a way of life

· A new way of thinking as well as the above new way of living – a new way of BEING, natural and uplifting!

· A life skill, and a hugely important and critical one, because this is an area in which a happy go lucky approach tends to produce unhappy and unlucky results! Yes, as a skill it needs to be acquired but it soon becomes virtually automatic and actually enjoyable. Dynamic Ageing undoubtedly requires awareness, understanding, commitment, determination, effort and time – at least to start with, but it DOES progressively become consistently more uncomplicated and painless

· An ongoing learning experience – as you discover the art of listening to your body and soul and giving them what they need in order to be vibrant and healthy, you start to live your life from a far more intuitive place

· An opportunity: to create something new for yourself, to take back control of the ageing process, to open the door to fresh possibilities and experiences and a different way of living your life, to reassess your values and your truths, to determine what is truly important to you and who you ARE, RIGHT NOW! Carl Jung put it very aptly in Stages of Life, “We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the programme of life’s morning”

· Freedom! From many of the preventable health niggles which come with the passing of time, as well as from the countless limiting and negative beliefs which are commonly associated with ageing

· A solution and an answer to many of the life challenges which seem SO determined to wrestle us to the ground as we grow older

· And very importantly, a gastronomic goldmine! I say importantly because I was a classically trained chef in another lifetime and food has been part of my physical and emotional make-up for as long as I can remember - so under no circumstances am I prepared to live in a culinary wilderness and give up the limitless pleasures of food, cooking and eating

DYNAMIC AGEING is a journey through a chapter of your life which can be so rich and exciting, SO rewarding and fulfilling – in fact a journey of discovery into how to remain dynamic, vibrant and youthful for the rest of your life. I promise you that it can provide you with innumerable benefits and much bliss. But you need to leave behind any concept of ageing passively and by default and learn to create your future dynamically and by design. You are NOT powerless and how well or how badly you age is up to you, so it is time to change your thoughts and develop a new approach to midlife and beyond. You WILL grow older, that is a given, because ageing is an inevitable part of living, so make sure that you age with joy. GET GOOD AT IT and LEARN TO DO IT WELL!

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