What are your current health challenges?

Lockdown and the current worldwide health crisis is affecting all our lives in so many different ways, and the longer it goes on, the more we find ourselves having to adjust to unexpected, and often unwelcome, developments or changes, and devise new techniques and methods to deal with altered circumstances, unpredictable environments and unforeseen events. My first thought on rising in the morning has definitely become “I wonder what today will bring” and I have learned to answer without hesitation or delay: “I am so glad it is today because TODAY is my FAVOURITE day!”. Winnie the Pooh I believe.

So in this brave and volatile new world, how is your day to day health faring? What are your current challenges? Where in fact are you in your life right now? And very significantly, do you feel your general health and wellbeing have deteriorated since late March and Lockdown? Or are you finding that this bewildering but fresh lifestyle is actually of benefit and the absence of some of your normal and routine stresses and pressures is leading you in a favourable direction? Have many of the demands and hassles been lifted, or not? I would be really interested to know how this is all affecting you so if you have any thoughts, do please drop me a line to let me know.

Generally the current health hazard is omnipresent and the restrictions on our movements and our interactions with others are inevitably creating difficulties in different ways for many. And one thing which has really struck me is the emphasis which has been laid on the fact that the older one is, the greater one’s vulnerability. And I ask myself WHY?! The obvious answer is that the majority of people become more unhealthy and weaker as they grow older. But is this inevitable? Is it truly compulsory for this to occur? Can we not care for ourselves well enough throughout our lives to create strength, resilience and vigour? Can we not influence our health as we grow older? For instance, is a woman in her fifties who nourishes herself abundantly and ensures that she lives her life in a health-supporting way more at risk than a 30-something who drinks alcohol regularly, smokes, sleeps four hours a night, downs twenty cups of coffee a day and eats nothing but junk food? I don’t think so! Of the two, who really is walking around carrying a time bomb? And by the same token, a hale and hearty seventy-five year old man who has led an active and fulfilling life, eaten a natural diet and enjoyed “cultivating his garden” is surely in a good position to fight back against whatever comes his way. Obviously as we age our body does start to wear out, there is no doubt of that, and eventually it does give out. But keeping our whole system working well with optimum nutrition and a vital and vibrant lifestyle is also undeniably highly protective.

This entire matter is leading me to feature a long-term series about my pet subject and area of nutritional expertise: DYNAMIC AGEING, and over the next few months, perhaps years, I will be posting a relevant article on my blog every week covering all aspects of Dynamic Ageing, what it is, what it is not, how to live and nurture it, what affects it, what nutrients support it, who the key players as well as the biggest enemies are, etc. So I do hope you will join me as I can assure you it will be a fascinating journey capable of truly enhancing your health, your looks and your quality of life – a truly exciting opportunity to learn the crucial life skill of ageing healthily, happily, productively and WELL!

And if you think you are too young to bother with any of this, THINK AGAIN because ageing starts at conception and you are NEVER too young – or too old – to take steps to live your life and age DYNAMICALLY and BY DESIGN, rather than PASSIVELY and BY DEFAULT.

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