Do you doubt the power of sugar?

Just five days to go before the launch of my sugar free-challenge in my Facebook group The Dynamic Ageing Sugar-Free Challenge - I am SO excited!

Going sugar free is the quickest way to lose weight and feel full of energy. While it’s true that a little of what you fancy does can do you good, most of us have far too much of the sweet poison in our lives. If you need any additional inspiration to give up sugar, it is well worth having a look at a film called That Sugar Film, available on Amazon. The presenter documents exactly what happens on a high sugar diet. The results are downright frightening! But the worst of it is that he focuses on eating only foods which are perceived as healthy but are, in fact, laden with sugar. Check out the trailer here.

I would love you to participate in the challenge which starts on Monday 24 February, so do please join me! There is no cost involved and it is easy to take part. Just click on this link to register and follow the steps, including downloading your free copy of The Sugar Solution. It would be great to see as many of you as possible so do please invite friends to join the group – or give them the link so that they can sign themselves up.

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