Progress at last from The Natural Vitality Chef and Nutritional Therapist

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

It has taken time and effort to get to grips with my brand new website, which is why there hasn’t been a twinkle out of me for some weeks! Not being very technically minded, I have struggled to learn how to run and maintain it, and the situation was not helped by my old PC crashing and having to be replaced – all of which set me back a whole two weeks. And of course I am trying to polish up my food photography skills as well....... And solve the mysteries of Instagram....... And train myself to use social media on a daily basis....... But there is definite progress and I can finally begin to write all about a nutrient-rich way of eating, anti-ageing and how to live a long and healthy life.

I have started uploading healthy and delicious recipes and have even managed some rather good food photography, but bear with me for a bit longer as the food styling and picture-taking is extremely time consuming so not all the recipes have an accompanying image. I am however getting into the habit of scheduling in the photographic sessions along with the recipe development so I am hoping that it will all start really coming together fairly soon!

In the meantime, if anybody has any specific nutritional topics which they would like me a address on my blog, do please email me and I will make a point of writing about them and supporting you all in cooking and eating yourselves into a long, productive and joyful time on this planet.

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