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An interesting press release about buying vitamins by Sarah Bartlett for the study by price comparison site idealo.


New data pinpoints cheapest time of year to buy vitamins and supplements Vitamins at their lowest price between April and June, with prices highest in November and December Savings of up to 56% New research released today into price trends reveals that now is the best time of year to purchase essential winter vitamins and health supplements. The study by price comparison site idealo analysed pricing data of over 800 products in their Vitamins & Supplements category, including vitamins C and D, to track the price trend over the space of 14 months*. The findings reveal that UK consumers could make large savings of up to 56 per cent by adopting savvy buying habits and stocking up months in advance. Prices in the vitamins and supplements are at their lowest between April and June, with average prices reaching an annual low of £6.48 in May and £7.42 in June. Prices start to creep up in July and reach their peak in December, with average prices hitting £14.85 – an increase of 56 per cent. idealo’s Katy Phillips explained, “With such large price discrepancies, we wanted to dig deeper and find out how we could best support consumers who are looking to find a deal on their vitamins and supplements this year. Our data also showed that shopping habits peak in these categories between December and February and it’s this demand that ultimately leads to the price hikes we see in these months. Demand starts to decline after March, reaching its lowest point between June and August when consumers are less likely to be thinking about winter ailments, so we’d encourage shoppers to purchase their winter vitamins now and beat the rush.”

Nutritional therapist and ‘Natural Vitality Chef’ Isabel Hood explains the health benefits of taking certain vitamins and supplements at this time of year, “Spring and summer are the best times of the year to cleanse and detoxify after the winter when we tend to eat much heavier foods and fewer raw, fresh foods, and don’t get out into the open air as much. This is the time to prepare the body for the summer months, and a cleansing regime will regenerate, rejuvenate and lighten the body, particularly the hard-working liver – and may help to lose a bit of weight at the same time. I would recommend liver-cleansing supplements like milk thistle and artichoke, or something more sophisticated like a complete cleansing programme. These are likely to include ‘digestive broom’-like psyllium husks as well as probiotics and cleansing herbs. “Late summer and early autumn are the times to take immune system boosting supplements to prepare for the long dark winter ahead. It’d be beneficial to stock up now on Vitamin D3 supplements to take during the winter itself when we can’t get any from the sun.”

Savvy consumers looking to find the cheapest prices can use idealo’s price history tool to monitor cost fluctuations of their favourite products throughout the year. Price alerts can be set up to notify when products are available at a consumer’s target price. Further details can be found here - https://www.idealo.co.uk/blog/5724-buy-winter-vitamins-spring-save-56/ ENDS

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