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Is growing older inevitable? Of course it is! Is there a magical, rejuvenating “fountain of youth” in whose waters we can bathe? Of course not! The ageing process starts at birth, if not at conception, and absolutely nothing will hold back the march of time. Nevertheless, many aspects of ageing which are considered normal and predestined are in fact negotiable and we undoubtedly have a choice as to how well or how badly we age. There are even ways and areas in which we can turn back the clock to a certain extent. Furthermore, modern medicine and ever evolving scientific discoveries are enabling us to live longer. BUT, and this is a big “but”, it is up to us to ensure that we have the energy, vitality, strength and overall good health to take advantage of this life extension. It is our personal responsibility because it IS within our power to age “dynamically” - and by this I do not mean living for ever or “eternal youth”. It is more a case of life-long “youthfulness”, of lasting good health and joie de vivre, of being ever active and dynamic in our third age.

Food is a great healer and ally, a precious resource which can be used to create and support a joyful and vibrant time on this planet – or it can be a poison, causing long-term and often irreparable damage in the human body, including the brain. During my naturopathic nutrition training, I learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we eat plays a crucial role in how we live our lives, at both a physical and emotional level, and that vitality, energy, well-being and dynamic ageing are all inextricably linked to what we eat day in day out: our daily food choices influence and powerfully impact every area of our lives and can make the difference between a life lived to the full, and a life - let alone a third age - plagued by sub-optimal health, if not disease.

It is imperative to learn to use food not just as “something to eat” but as a way to “nourish”, not only as a wellspring of endless delight but also as a tool for energy, vitality and effective living - a nutritious, wholesome diet can make you feel like a totally new person, let alone sharpen your brain, ease your aching joints, soothe your digestion, brighten your skin, put a sparkle in your eye, a shine in your hair and a spring in your step – and, believe me, this does not mean giving up gastronomic pleasure!

And never, NEVER think that you are too young to bother with this subject, because it is never too soon to start cultivating youthfulness – as mentioned above, growing older begins at birth, if not at conception, and our goal needs to be a healthy life from birth to death – it is never too early, just as it is never too late.

So I am incredibly excited today to be launching The Dynamic Ageing Revolution! Join me! Join me in my mission to explore the “fountain of youthfulness” which food and good nutrition can offer. Dynamic ageing truly does begin in the kitchen which is the ideal place to increase your energy, vitality and overall health. Infuse your body with an optimal concentration of key nutrients through fresh, real, glorious food and watch it respond in a surprisingly short time to the immense power of a natural, high quality way of eating. Join The Dynamic Ageing Revolution, and let’s cook and eat ourselves into ever-increasing good health, whatever our age!

As a professionally trained chef and a graduate in naturopathic nutrition from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine, I will be using my website and blog to publish and share delicious, bold, vibrant and exuberant recipes and dishes which will both nourish your body at the deepest level and delight your senses at the same time. I will prove to you that “healthy eating” and “dynamic ageing” do not mean giving up the joy of fabulous food! I will also be publishing regular articles on the nutritional might of individual ingredients and supplements, holistic practices, lifestyle and ways of cooking and eating which can offer vibrant health, vitality, long-term youthfulness and dynamic ageing. So see you there!

In order to reach as wide a readership as possible and to spread the word about dynamic ageing, and mere "eating" versus "nourishing", as far as I can, I am intending to return to food writing, which I had to give up after my first semester at college. My focus will obviously now be the relationship between what we eat and how dynamically we live our lives and age, and in order to find a publisher for my first nutritional cookery book, I need thousands of followers on social media..... So please join my Dynamic Ageing Revolution, subscribe to my newsletter, spread the word to everyone you know, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, catch up with me on Instagram,and let’s approach natural ageing with true dynamism, whatever our life stage!

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