Nutrition, sleep, stress management and movement are all crucial to Dynamic Ageing - and so is what you THINK! What is your mindset around ageing generally? How positive is your outlook on your future life? Let’s consider ten common attitudes and concepts about growing older:-

1. I have no control over how well, how badly or how rapidly I age – it just happens and old age has to be endured

2. My quality of life will decrease as will my options about how to live my life

3. My general health will inevitably decline – and there is nothing I can do about it

4. I will slow down, both physically and mentally

5. I will be able to do less and less

6. My bones will get thinner

7. My muscle mass will shrink

8. “It” is to be expected at my age

9. I am ageing according to my genetic blueprint

10. I will have to take more and more drugs as I grow older

Now let’s do some myth-busting! Are the above statements true? In some ways, obviously yes. But perhaps they don’t have to be. There is obviously no way that you can have total control over how well, badly or rapidly you age. HOWEVER, there are many steps you can take which will make a huge difference. Perhaps there are other possibilities. Perhaps you can ask better questions. Perhaps you can learn a new life skill, that of ageing dynamically. Ageing is undoubtedly an inevitable part of living, but many aspects of ageing which are considered pre-destined are in fact negotiable and this is a key word in the whole area of Dynamic Ageing – and never underestimate just how much your thoughts and stress levels can affect not only your health but also the speed at which you age.

When it comes to ageing, it is a matter of getting good at it and learning to do it well because you can most certainly exert a considerable amount of power over how you age. You can age passively and by default, choosing the path of least resistance, and you will get certain predictable results such as those listed above. If you learn to age dynamically and by design on the other hand, you will get to walk a totally different path from your midlife years through the golden ones and beyond, right through to the end - and this path may easily be lined with more fun, more health, more joie de vivre, more possibilities and opportunities, more adventure and more enlightened awareness than you ever thought possible.

So cast aside any disempowering pre-conceptions and limiting beliefs you may have about growing older, take responsibility, stand up to Old Father Time, create a new vision for yourself, believe that these are going to be the best years of your life and get on with living and AGEING DYNAMICALLY.

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