Is "Anti-Ageing" the right description?

Please help me with some research. I graduated recently in naturopathic nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine at Brighton University in the UK and I am setting up a nutritional practice, specialising in several areas but particularly anti-ageing and brain health. I also plan to continue with my international private cheffing work and a couple of years ago, when I had started training in nutrition, I began to call myself The Natural = Anti-Ageing Chef.

I received some interesting feedback from a new contact a couple of days ago: the term “anti-ageing” is negative and even derogatory..... This set me thinking and I can accept that anything which is “anti” involves fighting against whatever it is – and since ageing is a given, there is no point in “fighting” against it because it WILL come. And if I am “fighting” against it, it means that ageing is bad and negative and there is something wrong with it. My point all along has been that many aspects of ageing which are considered inevitable are not, they are “negotiable” and therefore my approach to “anti-ageing” is actually to support “healthy” ageing, or “positive” ageing, or “good” ageing or “elegant” ageing or “graceful” ageing.

Should I change my name? Do you think that The Natural = Amazing-Ageing Chef for instance is more appropriate, describes my work better, is much easier to relate to? Or does “anti-ageing” hit the spot very effectively? I would love some feedback on this so if you have thoughts or ideas, or any suggestions about a new name, do please get in touch. Thank you.

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