How best can you use the present time?

I trust you are all healthy and well and enjoyed the Easter break, however unusual?

At a time of such utter and almost surreal confusion and uncertainty, a statement I read recently had a real impact on me: “The most important decision you will make is what to do with the time given to you”. Time had become an increasingly valuable resource for many of us and now suddenly, with “normal” life collapsing around our ears, oodles of time are abruptly available. So how best can you use it? How can you make it count? By ensuring that you plan it with care and intent!

Boredom brings with it many pitfalls such as sitting in front of the television all day gobbling up chocolate, salted nuts, crisps and any junk food to hand, sleeping in regularly and not moving much. Beneficial routines go to the wall and suddenly seem a waste of time and unnecessary. And since there is not much to do, food can easily become the central focus of the day and an endless opportunity to treat oneself constantly by eating all sorts of foods which would not typically feature in our habitual diet – the day becomes one endless bout of snacking and excess, and self-indulgence seamlessly takes the place of self-care. And what will be the impact on your health in the longer term? What can you do to ensure that you come out of the current state of affairs strong, slender, happy and healthy?

We have the opportunity right now to prioritise our health, to invest in it, to take control, to sow the seeds for a hale and hearty future, to supercharge our vitality. The summer is on its way and while it is impossible to know what will be happening and where we will all be in a couple of months’ time, what you don’t want is to come out of the tunnel and into the sunlight and find yourself looking tubby and pasty-faced, feeling sluggish, apathetic and unfit, and with a total lack of vibrancy let alone get-up-and-go. There is no more perfect time to take your health back into your own hands, and I am here to help and support you in this worrying and bewildering period.

I am therefore delighted to invite you to a complimentary 45-minute nutritional make-over consultation – which in the present circumstances needs to be online via Zoom (very simple to use) - where we can carry out an essential health MOT and discuss how to set you back on the road to vibrant health, youthfulness and a fabulous Summer 2020.

To access my calendar and book your complimentary session, simply click here to access my online diary. And do please pass this invitation on to any friends or family who might be interested.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep happy.

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