Have you heard of the "Covid Stone"?

The expression describes the amount of weight which countless people have put on during Lockdown! We have all been exercising more – making sure we get out of the house for an hour of movement every day and following online fitness programmes – but apparently we have also been eating far more, and mostly the wrong things. Stress and monotony have a nasty habit of triggering food cravings and comfort eating and the current world health situation is certainly presenting us all with plenty of opportunities for both - so crisps and chips, chocolate bars and pastries, sweets and biscuits have all been finding their way into everyday diets with the result that the pounds have been piling on.

With no real end in sight, and no clear picture of what “normal” life will be like as and when it returns – who knows what the new “normal” will be! – it is definitely time to take action, set some better habits in place and say goodbye to the Covid Stone.

Furthermore, even if you have not come face to face with the Stone, the summer IS here and that in itself is surely an incentive to get ourselves back into shape and looking – let alone feeling – vibrant and energised. Sadly we will not be able to go off to Greek islands or Italian hill-top villages, on cruises or in fact on any kind of adventure at all, but warm weather and sunshine have definitely brought with them some welcome motivation.

I am therefore delighted to share with you my latest complimentary e-book: 10 Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss, which will talk you through some steps you can take to bring self-care back into your everyday life – and they are not all about what you eat!

You can download the book via my free resource library in the bottom left-hand corner of my home page here. I hope you enjoy it and do please share it with anybody you know who may be interested! And if you have any queries, do please drop me a line.

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