Dynamic Ageing for Skin

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Maleka Dattu, founder and CEO of MeruMaya, skincare specialists and manufacturers of "effective skincare" products - SUCH fun and SO interesting! We had a fascinating conversation about the relationship between nutrition, diet and skin health, my approach to Dynamic Ageing, and the amazing natural ingredients she uses in her skin products such as mangosteen, Baobab tree leaf extract, echium oil and Rhodiola Rosea. I am truly enjoying applying the products which she kindly gave me and will report in due course on the results. I used them all during my recent nutritional chef job in Abu Dhabi and received many compliments from all the staff on my healthy looks and glowing complexion! I was constantly asked the question: how old are you? To which my reply was invariably: not in the least bit old, just truly youthful!

The interview is now up and running on YouTube so do have a look. This was the first video I have ever done so it was really exciting and I am looking forward to discussing Dynamic Ageing and the power of good nutrition with Maleka on another occasion.

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