A surprisingly enjoyable read!

Having set out to read The Success Equation with somewhat mixed feelings, I was delighted to find it a surprisingly enjoyable read! I say surprisingly because this kind of book, ie business improvement, while constructive and helpful, tends to be pretty dry and heavy going. However, the three authors have managed to instil humour and lightness, without losing the focus and purpose of their overall message – I have actually become quite fond of the different characters and find myself applauding their personal achievements and triumphs.

The true gold though is the absolute clarity of the message. The different steps are explained in detail and yet succinctly, and the authors virtually hold your hand while they take you through them, supporting you in every phase and decision – with the result that I understood all the way along what needed to be done, and very importantly, the why behind it. The many examples, exercises, illustrations, graphs and charts throughout the book brought an ever-growing grasp of the process, and although as a one-woman band I did not expect the book to be particularly useful, the principles of the Success Cycle have been easy to apply to my personal situation – and one of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to “start at the end”, because that will bring the destination to life - ie “WHAT am I trying to achieve?” And having spelled this out for myself, the road ahead becomes that much clearer.

Furthermore, the training on how to build a team spirit, engage everybody in the final outcome, deal with negativity and seek to understand struck me as priceless because motivating oneself is always easy while getting others to contribute constructively and be involved in a joint project tends to be the most crucial and challenging part of getting the whole thing off the ground, let alone to a successful destination.

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