I offer three truly transformational programmes  which typically run over a period of twelve weeks.  Why twelve weeks? Because it will take us that length of time to start producing the results which you are looking for and for you to start seeing real, measurable improvements and progress. Firstly I will use a combination of nutritional science and health coaching in order to understand your current health issues and your goals. Then together we will work through a new, personalised eating plan and look at your lifestyle to ensure that it is based on a solid foundation to reinforce your passage to dynamic youthfulness.


And what is the main difference between the programmes?   

The level of contact which we have on a regular basis and which is adapted to your personal needs. We can meet on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, more frequently or less frequently - the aim is to ensure that you progress steadily and comfortably towards your goals and produce the results you are looking for. Each step and stage of the three programmes will enable you to take control of the ageing process and teach you to AGE DYNAMICALLY rather than passively and by default.


This package is the ideal choice if you are in generally good health and mainly looking for support and coaching on how to create some better lifestyle habits to deal with any of the niggling challenges which are beginning to bother you as you grow older:  decreased energy and vitality perhaps, or dull-looking skin and dark circles under your eyes, or poor sleep patterns, or stealthy, unwelcome weight gain.


This programme enables you to do some deeper work and begin to understand why you are experiencing specific symptoms and what is interfering with your general wellbeing.   You may be facing some debilitating menopausal signs or be concerned about the health of your prostate;  or your thinking may not be as clear and sharp as it used to be;  or you may regularly feel bloated after meals;  or your flexibility may be deteriorating.   In the Regenerate Programme we can look more closely at your health goals and put together a personal nutritional and lifestyle plan tailored specifically to your Dynamic Ageing journey.


This programme offers the highest level of personal support and guidance, involving complete flexibility and a nutritional and lifestyle plan which is uniquely bespoke to your health, schedule and particular requirements.   We reboot your entire body from the inside out and from top to toe, address the whole spectrum of small niggles and big challenges which can affect us as we grow older, and create solutions which will enable you to achieve and live a healthy, vibrant and successful Third Age whilst rejuvenating you at the deepest level.  I guide you step by step on your journey to Dynamic Ageing and ensure that you are steadily and accurately progressing towards your goals and turning the rest of your life into truly GOLDEN YEARS.


 I am available to travel nationally and internationally. I speak fluent Spanish, French and Italian.


If you would like to find out more about my Dynamic Ageing programmes and learn how you can use nutrition and lifestyle changes to make dramatic improvements to your life, I would be delighted to have an initial exploratory chat in order to find out what is not working for you and to discuss how I might be able to help you


To find our how to create life-long youthfulness, book an initial exploratory chat with me today



Learn more about how you can use nutrition and lifestyle changes to make dramatic improvements to your life, and how you can take control of the ageing process in order to age dynamically.

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